How To Make Friends When You Travel Solo.

the advice you do not need.

Have you been waiting to take a solo trip? Then JUST DO IT. There is nothing cooler than doing stuff alone. “If a tree fell in the forest and no one saw it, did it even happen?”. That’s the beauty of failing alone, there is no one to exaggerate it. Don’t travel with your friends. The whole point of traveling is to get away from life back home… don’t take home with you. Not only traveling solo, everything about solo is great. Hans Solo, Free Solo every Solo the utensil brand. The highlight — making friends on the road. Friends you never have to see again. Travel friendship, the one-night-stand of companionship.

Step one is to look the part. Be the bee that the flower dreams off. That is my motto for anything. Make sure you have a backpack. A backpacker without a backpack has no value in a travel-hostel. Without a backpack, you look like a business traveler looking for a cheap bed. The harsh truth is, no one wants to be friends with their cable guy. Make sure your clothes are clean. I don’t mean laundry clean. I mean, they have no prints on them. A solid color t-shirt creates a mystery about what your likes and dislikes are. Always wear shoes. Shoes give the illusion that you are out here to explore. If dressing sharp seem like too much of an effort, then go to the extreme end of the spectrum. Baggy pants, crumpled shirt and always smell like marijuana. Because when it comes to solo travel, the is a fine line between homeless and hipster.

If you can’t make it. Then fake it. If you think you are uncool, then pretend to be cool. None of your real friends are here. As sad as it sounds, you do not need to change as a person. All you need to do is agree to everything they say. And that is how you make friends. The foundation of every relationship, molded by the concrete of lies. One lie that always works: pretend to be from the land of white people. At least in India. In Indian, the only people treated as precious as cows are white people. Our obsession with white does not end at Nirma and Fair-n-lovely. It starts there. The other lie that always sells is being a pseudo-celebrity. While I spent a week in Singapore. I had my bunk-bed-buddy from Colombia convinced that I am a huge filmmaker back in India. On the bases of that one lie, we spent many other hours of honest drinking time on the roof.

Oh right! Alcohol. Always a solution to anything. Backpackers think twice before making an expense on intoxication. Be their bartender in shining armor. Buy a 6-pack of beer and invite the people around you to some brews. Coke? Open Happiness? No! Beer! Open Happiness! All wild plans start with opening a beer, so do all regrets. That’s the thing about a one-night-stand… you never know till the end.

But on a serious note. I do travel alone a lot and I make tons of friends on the way by doing these two things. One: I never carry earphone. Earphones are like technological hijabs that don’t let people see the real you. If you wanted to watch a viral video of a cat acting surprised, you could do that at home Btw, here is the link. The other thing I do is lend them an ear to their bullshit. Everyone wants to talk, but listening takes a lot less effort. Also, more stores come from listing than blabbering. Like on a tinder date, pretending to care can get lucky. Which once again proves my point about the one-night-stand of the companionship.

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