Lesser known Brittle things

not given enough credit for it’s brittleness


Until a year back the internet was a global computer networking and a communication providing tool. There was no mention of its physical characteristics. In recent time, with an overdose of click bait websites on my social media timeline; I have been made aware that the internet is a brittle substance that can be broken by viral videos, celebrities have twitter conversation and cats doing cute shit.


A collection of people who co-exist was a non-physical entity and was not known to be defined by any physical characters. I was recently told that Society is a fabric and by being ignorant or unconventional towards the rules of it you can punch a hole in it. More brittle than we would expect. Because I’ve also heard of societies crumbling to the ground.


The first time a News is given to people, apparently the only way to do it is by physically damaging it. Breaking news.
“Car window vandalised and then shattered by a hammer” — if you look closely, this news headline, in all its glory is ‘breaking’ news.


Husain Bolt, the fastest man on earth. On his iconic 100 mts. run, in controlled conditions and gravity considered constant at 9.807 m/s² — He did not just overwrite an existing time-stamp — He BROKE the record. Damage was caused not only in the hearts of orthodox white people but also the standards against which all records were set.


Contrary to popular belief, as told in the 1980’s Bollywood move “Asha” — ‘Sheesha ho ya dil ho Aakhir toot jaata hai’. Which means, a heart or a piece of glass — both eventually break. This shows that since the 1980s we were made aware of the brittle nature of the heart (mostly human) by lyricist Anand Bakshi. This also shows that Anand Bakshi was a man ahead of his time. Researchers are still trying to understand if the word “Sheesha” in this song refers to just a glass or the hooka smoking apparatus.

Sidewalks near a research laboratory

Multiple research work around the world has lead to technological developments and scientific insights. However, with increasing number of successful research work being published, it has lead to great deal of tremors in sidewalks around the city. As we all know, most of these are path-breaking research work.


In the digital rendition of ‘The Flash’ (inspired by comic book character -Flash), in season-one-episode-fifteen to be specific; Barry Allen aka Flash runs back and forth along the coast of the city in order to create a ‘Vortex-Barrier’ to stop a tsunami. He unintentionally runs fast enough to breaks the time-barrier, which jolts him into a different timeline. In reality, this is impossible. However, we break time twice a day. The break of dawn/dusk or the crack of dawn/dusk.

Kritarth Srinivasan
Writer / Standup Comedian / Mostly Distracted