Puzzled by the Sounds of the ocean

Unlike my fictional satires or rants on social issues, this piece is a well constructed; evolution in storytelling that draws reference from three different points in time. It is the epitome of layered narrative with intricate details that if left unnoticed will baffle the mind of the readers. Complex, to an extent where you read it repeatedly and try to find sense in its construction.

Yeah right! If only I were that cool… To explain to you my hardship, Lets rewind to three different moments in life.

8 Months ago.

Lights off, phone on charge, doors closed and double checked (twice). It was bedtime. At 2 AM, I was getting into the habit of forcing myself to sleep just so I spend more time in the daylight the following morning. The past few days, I had been hitting the hay around 1 AM and TRYING to fall asleep and fly in the dream-lands. Failed. Every. Day!

I read online to find out if sleeplessness was a symptom of anything serious. Reading many publications lead to the following conclusions — gastrointestinal problems, arthritis or a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s. Either that or I am a 21st-century kid, who spends too much time in blue light and has a messed up sleep cycle. It was not Insomnia, just the inability to fall asleep, and wake up before 12 hours. I needed a trigger. I googled again. “The top 8 ways to fall asleep”, because everything needs to be a list-articles these days! There was a ton of cool stuff in this article. Things such as “Count sheep” or “Drink a warm glass of milk”. Ya ya! Those I have tried. I improved my calcium intake, got to 186 sheep and boredom struck. Sleep was still a problem. ‘Play the sound of the ocean’ a suggestion that caught my attention. Why not try it! Ocean sounds, sounds of waves hitting the coastline. A repetitive sound effect; yet not monotonous. I found a two-hour-long track on YouTube of ocean sounds driven by a smooth backdrop of a flute. ‘Let’s give this a shot’ I thought to myself!

5 Months ago.

The sound of the ocean was working. I was literally drifting away to sweet nirvana every night. The ocean sounds had become a part of my life. Further, life-changing. Over the past month, I learned that ocean sounds are created in a studio! How disappointed was I? Very!

In my free time, I imagined a hardworking sound engineer. Sitting on a lonely beach at night with a boom mic facing the ocean — recording sounds of the waves hitting the shore. Of course, this person would have had to accustom himself/herself to fall asleep to the sounds of traffic (or something in those lines) to avoid falling asleep at work.
I imagined kids drove to the coast at night to do drugs and began to play EDM music and kept saying the words “Bro, Wait for the drop bro! wait for the drop!” and the sound engineer has to get rid of those in the edit.

Although, I could never go to Goa again… which is fine. I enjoy the mountains over beach any day.

2 Months ago.

It was time to take a holiday. Time to go to the mountains. A whole day spent trekking the nicest trails of Himachal Pradesh. The best, most peaceful walk I could have asked for. I get to the top of the mountain and pitch my tent. After a long day of walking and sitting amidst the green mountains, I did not need anything to put me to sleep. Sleep was going to come to me — like houseflies to an open box of a jelebi. When I finally decided to call it a night, I set up my sleeping bag and just lay there. The images of the shooting stars and the snow peaked mountains played in my head like the screen saver of a windows desktop. I close my eyes and guess what? After one hour of turning and tossing. I had got too used to sleeping with ocean sounds. Oh Shit!

I took a deep breath and played the ocean sounds on my phone. My brain hit overdrive, the sounds of waves were not matching with the power point presentation of mountains and stars. Every time I fell asleep, I was woken up by an image of waves crashing on the mountains, a scene from an apocalyptic movie such as ‘2012’. Oh, man! I got no sleep that night.

That day on, I stopped listing to ocean sounds at bedtime. As of this day, if I can’t fall asleep at night, I just don’t. Sleep shall come when it wishes. No good is to come from messing with the general order of things.

Kritarth Srinivasan
 Writer / Standup Comedian / Mostly Dancing

Originally published at comiccurry.com on Sept 21, 2017.