The Comic Curry Team

Apart from the many years of on-stage experience, Kritarth has also spent the last two years creating online content for brands and publications. His team and he work closely with making  engaging content for anyone who needs a funny online image.

Who are we? 

“Content creation” is a word abused on social media now. When everything is content, where do we draw the line between content and good content? At Comic Curry, a collaboration of three stand-up comedians, we have been making engaging content for more than five years now. Now we fill our creative juices in one cup and bring to you the most quirky content you need. 

What we can do for you?

The need of the hour is to turn heads and pull eyes to your brand or product. Having a great product is redundant if no one knows you exist. We create memorable content of all genres to give you just that. 

We cover: Blogs - Video content - Ad films - Jingles - Social Media content

What we do different?  

The time of the fifteen-second call to action videos is now dead. Content that long can be skipped. Content that long is not engaging, or memorable. The new way to reach your audience is now story-telling. Let us tell your story… we promise to give you a memorable impression in the mind of all consumers. 

Let us tell the story your consumers want to listen to. May it be a blog, a video or even a funny gag for your social media page.
If you need it written, we make it happen

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To know more about out body of work, and check out a list of our past work, do get in touch. Someone from the team will get back to you. 

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