I’m currently a full-time standup comedian and content-creator based out of Bengaluru. Apart from 7 years of on-stage experience, I’ve spent the last two years creating online content for brands and publications. My team and I focus on writing and creating engaging content for brands and individuals. 

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1. Tech Writing for SwymCorp to generate How-to-blogs and FAQs to help users understand the platform and functioning of the online store for Shopify.
Link(s): https://swym.it/in-stock-alerts-faq/
Note: Specific bi-lines missing
2. All website content for ergonomic solutions brand W ellergon.com
3. Write and manage the Bengaluru centric content for BingeDaily. Binge is a daily online magazine based out of Mumbai.
Link(s): https://www.bingedaily.in/bengaluru
4. Website, social media and printable content for Bengaluru based real estate brand “Guru Punnvanii”

1. Write and curate an online humor blog on Medium called “the Comic Curry”
Link(s):​ ​https://medium.com/the-comic-curry
2. Written and performed live-standup comedy shows for over 7 years across the world. With two live specials to my credit.
Link(s):​ ​https://www.youtube.com/kritarthsrinivasan
Viewfullportfoliohere:h​ ttps://comiccurry.com/profile

1. Written and produces social media video for Bangalore based e-com company called Avenue11.
Link(s): h ttps://www.facebook.com/Avenue11com/videos/453674641796044/
2. Created information video in the Food and beverage space for Mumbai based online magazine BingeDaily
Link(s): https://www.facebook.com/BingeDaily/videos/533923063768966/

1. Runs a successful online podcast called “Walks of Life”. The podcast was recently featured onApplePodcast’s“New&Noteworthy” podcastfromIndia.
Link: https://comiccurry.com/my-work
2.Heading content team for Bengaluru based e-com jewelry brand (No published work yet)
3. Consulting on social media content for a Member of Parliament from Karnataka. (Work links confidential)
4. Manage and program live shows for Bengaluru’s most successful comedy production house “BangaloreComedyClub”

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