How Your Company Can Host A Standup Comedy Show Via Zoom.

We can all agree that it is a weird time to be alive. The walls of our homes are starting to look dull, and the things we can cook is turning into an exhausting list. Work from home, eat from home, workout from home… The house is the new “place to be”

As a standup comedian and writer, the writing part of my job was always online. My days were always working from home. But in the evenings I would step out to get on stage to make people laugh (at least, for the most of it). With the pandemic in full swing, we are now moving this comedy culture online. And you and your company can be part of this.

Over the last month, all comedians have been hopping on the internet comedy bandwagon. It’sIt’s not ideally what we want, but it’s what we have. It is endearing to see the need for comedy sustain even during a lockdown. Laughter must go on; the show must go on.

Why Book A Comedian For A Zoom Show?

The reasons are mostly two-fold. On the last show I did, the HR said that the comedy shows were the week’s highlight. Being stuck at home means you have very little room for activities. These comedy shows make for an excellent break to get your mind off work and the home. Laughing at the crisis gives you more strength to deal with it.

The second reason is, of course, to help the artists out. Standup is innately a job that needs gatherings. While we have stopped working, the bills have not. By booking a comedian (not just me, anyone), you help bring back a shimmer of normality in these uncertain times.

So How Do We Do This?

It’s quite simple.

  1. Find a comedian who will fit in with the people of your company or gathering. Drop them a message, or an email once you have a date and time in mind.
  2. Ensure you inform all the people part of the meeting about the comedy show. Do not keep comedy shows a surprise; they are a recipe for disaster.
  3. The call will be done over Zoom. I would recommend a group of three-four people from the company to do a test call with the comedian to check the setup, the sound, and the flow of events.
  4. On the day of the event, ask everyone to log in at the show’s time and have them on mute. A pro tip Rohit Swain, a comedian from Hyderabad, told me was that he keeps 10-15 people on un-mute during the show. These are usually people the company identifies as “loud-laughers” (we all have a few of them!)
  5. The person hosting the call must ensure other people, with the background sounds, are on mute.
  6. The call cannot be recorded in any way. Comedians reuse material until it’s time for them to record it themselves professionally.
  7. Ask all members of the team to not interrupt the show with questions or hecklers. We are already battling bad internet in this country; questions will throw the comedian off their timing.

Tips and Tricks To Make The Show Better:

If you want to ensure this is the best experience you give your team, ask them to unmute their mics if they find themself laughing or clapping. This gesture provides the comedian with a nudge and helps them understand they are on the right path.

It helps if you do not negotiate with the comedians on cost. Most of the industry has slashed its prices to encourage shows and help keep the business afloat. Get in touch with me here to know my quote and see my comedy profile.

Final Thoughts,
While we fight these awful times together from our homes, we can help spread some joy. There is enough bad news around us, and a comedy show is sure to add some spark to this monotonous routine. Give it a shot… you never know till you do.

Kritarth Srinivasan, A Bengaluru based English standup comedian. With over eight years in the industry, he has more than 1000 successful shows to his credit. Apart from every major city in India, his comedy was also well received in international shows in Singapore, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Austin, Washington DC, and San Francisco. His comedy is witty, clean, simple, and relatable. Making him an excellent fit for both a pub or a corporate.

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