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Latest Episodes of The Walks Of Life Podcast

"Writing & Storytelling For Children"


Soda is a standup comedian who left behind him the world of writing for children. His book "Domestic International School" is a book about a school based in an airport. 

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"Underwater Photography, What’s Different?"


Punya Arora is a Photographer with a special love for Underwater. She is a full-time standup comedian now. But before comedy took over her life, the camera was her best friend. 

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“The Journey Of Art & GraphiCurry ”


Prasad Bhat the brains and body behind the internet rage: "Graphicurry".  He specializes in creating hand-drawn digital caricatures. His art has found its niche following of admirers and buyers, both of which are growing exponentially in this era of digital enchantment. 

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