Virender Sehwag, you hypocritical diva.

Let me open by asking an important question. What is going on in my country!? There were always ignorant bigots in this country, but they were so behind time that they never expressed their opinions on the internet. I have people in my own family who are confused, blind followers of trends and the reason this country will never progress. I am familiar with these groups of people. Since the blast-off of internet, many such people are now unknowingly parading their mediocre thinking on the web.

Brings me to today’s mess. To put things in context — Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of Kargil martyr Captain Mandeep Singh, was recently in the new for her protest against the goons from ABVP. This brought to light one of her old videos where she hold a placard saying “Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him”. As usual the trolls caught up to here. I’m not saying don’t make fun of things that are going on around you, I do it for a living. I’m saying do it in a way where it is researched & in good taste. Star troll for this week Virender Sehwag put up an image of him holding a placard with the words “I didn’t score two triple centuries, my bat did”, and captioned the tweet, “Bat me hai Dum! #BharatJaisiJagahNahi”.

Credit — Twitter/ Firstpost

I’m sure in his head he thought this was really… really funny and now that his cricketing career is over and he has no better use of his time, he has been pulling “funny” stunts on twitter for too long. Any person in the right mind will know this is as low as he could have gone with his mockery. I’m not questing the quality of humor here, I don’t really expect better from him. What I want to question is the hypocrisy!

How does no one see how this man has taken a leap from one side of the spectrum to another? I’m going to add screenshots to support my statements. Relax. 
Back around Jan of 2017, when the BSF jawan put up the selfie video complaining about the quality of bad food on the border. He tweeted saying “Whatever said and done,our Soldiers and Farmers need to be taken better care of. Proper food needs to reach them all.#Food4Soldiers”. In November last year after India was put through the hard times of demonetization and people raised a voice to show the misery of standing in queues, Viru ji tweeting saying “Shaheed Hanumanthappa waited 6days,35ft under snow,in-45°C,in hope of being rescued. Surely,we can wait few hrs in line to rescue Our Nation”. He also, on diwali made a video to show his respect to the army fighting for the country.


At this point in this article, it looks like Veru has very high regard for the men of the armed forces… Or does he? The fact that he can go to the extent of mocking a 20 year old girl who lost her father fighting for the nation, he has no respect for the army! He is just trying to stay current, hog the limelight and find a reason to live his life since playing cricket was his only talent, and that died out too.

You really need to make up your mind. Do you want to support the armed forces or do you let them be? I lived a life of the defence, its not easy. You meet someone at a squadron party and two months later you hear they are no more. So, if you can’t be dignified about the services of the defence, then maybe you should not voice an opinion at all.

PS: Dear Mr.Virender Sehwag, I hope by some miracle you get to see this and maybe (just, maybe) find another hobby. How about farming?

Kritarth Srinivasan
Writer / Standup Comedian / Mostly Dancing

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